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As seen on CNN Travel:

The Lost World is a richly illustrated book full of Maan Limburg's photographic adventures in desolate Japan - where almost 8,5 million of all houses stand abandoned. Explore the empty buildings and gorgeous nature through her eyes.

An essay by japanologist Josephine Smit explains the reasons behind all the emptiness - and a preface by well-known anthropologist/author Liza Dalby introduces the viewer to the subject.

Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley on the book: "Many congratulations on this lovely and melancholy book with its beautiful images of hope and despair.”

Dimensions: 24x34 cm, 176 pages printed on a lovely matte lessebo paper.
First edition - 550 copies
Photo's: 135+
Releasedate: 16-05-2022
ISBN: 9789462264366

Worldwide shipping possible - ships from the artist's home in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Please keep in mind the shipment might take a bit of time.